【1】Ceramic PTC Themistors For Circuit Protection

■The 16V series PTC for circuit Protection is best as the sensor of electric detector, the protection of motor for car and the protection of low voltage circle because of low resistance value. It is possible to use many times if it was got rid of abnormality causes such as over current, and the resistance value will be restored.


The response speed to the over current is fast because of small size.

It keeps protecting the circuit for abnormality until turning off power.

It will return to former low resistance quickly and can be used repeatedly if the power supply is turned off.

The noise is not generated because it doesn't have mechanical contact.

Specific (Please click Part number about details.)

Parts number Resistance
value (at25℃)
Non operating
F Φd
PTDD03N2-2R5M160 2.5Ω
16V 3.8A 550 150 5.0 3.0 5.0 0.5
PTDD03N2-1R8M160 1.8Ω
16V 4.2A 760 190 5.0 3.0 5.0 0.5
PTDD05N2-1R0M160 1.0Ω
16V 6.5A 1300 430 6.5 3.0 5.0 0.5
PTDD06N2-0R7M160 0.7Ω
16V 7.2A 1700 450 7.5 4.0 5.0 0.5
PTDD10N2-0R5M160 0.5Ω
16V 7.8A 2200 600 11.0 4.0 10.0 0.6
PTDD10N2-0R25M160 0.25Ω
16V 9.0A 3600 1350 11.0 4.0 10.0 0.8

Comparison of size and operationResponse Time[sec.]

Comparison of size and operation time
  A company B company logo
Resistance value (Ω)  0.5  0.5  0.5
Diameter(mm) 14.0 13.5 10.0
Thickness(mm)  0.6  0.6  0.6
Comparison of size and operation time

Electronic microscope

Electronic microscope Electronic microscope

Ceramic PTC Thermistor for Door-mirror

Ceramic PTC Thermistor for Door-mirro

Our product has been keeping to be patronized as Toyota or Nissan’s motor parts for long time.



【2】PTC heater of motorcycle

Cab heater of PTC mounting

Cab heater of PTC mounting

This item is the heater for prevention of icing in carburetor.
There are three types of 15W,25W,35W, and these are used in many ways.

Cab heater of PTC mounting


Parts number CABH-15W CABH-25W CABH-35W Remarks
Distinguish color Orange Black White Measurement temperature25±3℃
Resistance value 7Ω±30% 7Ω±30% 7Ω±30%  
Maximum voltage DC16V DC16V DC16V  
Rush current 3.0A以下 3.5A以下 5.0A以下 Install in standard heat-sink and, applied DC12V
in the state of the room temperature of 25℃
equilibration temperature (10 minute later) 35±3℃ 42 ±4℃ 48 ±5℃
equilibration current (10 minute later) 1.9A以下 2.7A以下 3.5A以下
System requirements temperature -30~80℃ -30~80℃ -30~80℃  

Thermoswitch for Cab heater

Thermoswitch for Cab heater

・This is the electronic switch which lets cab heater turn on or off.
・This has the detective circuit of engine operating, therefore it can avoid to battery runs out.

Parts number CABS-10R0-1020-XXX
(Optional number with harness)
Maximum rating DC16V
Maximum allowable current DC10A
Input of detection of engine operating DC8V~50V
Operation temperature (example) ON:-10℃、OFF:20℃
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
Environmental temperature range -30℃~80℃

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