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Our PTC products satisfy your need to create differentiated products or solve complex problems. MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Representative Director: Masao Makishima

Representative Director: Masao Makishima

 Since our establishment in 2006, MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has developed applications for low-resistance PTC thermistors based on our original manufacturing technology, which uses liquid-phase barium titanate.

These PTC products are employed in various applications. Examples include preventing serious accidents like fires by quickly responding to circuit failures, and operating as safe heaters to eliminate the need for temperature regulators. The scope of their uses is expected to expand in the future.

Since establishing the company, we have placed the utmost importance on quality control—essential for manufacturing—and continue to manufacture all products in Japan to ensure quality remains consistently high.
And the continuing support of our customers testifies to our original R&D and superior quality control.

"MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY - Original Technology and Trust."will continue to deliver reliable solutions to customers through our quick and precise development technologies, striving to maintain and build on our record of excellence in PTC thermistor products.

We appreciate your continued support.



We are exhibiting at Virtual EXPO, an online exhibition specialized in the manufacturing industry. We look forward to your access.


Holding our booth at nano tech 2021, Tokyo Big Sight held on Dec.9-11,2020. Please have access to our information at our booth.


New functions for downloading technical spec sheet is now available we look forward to your inquiry.


Starting development for Overseas market under JETRO Project called "Consortium for a New Expoer Nation" 


Our QMS under ISO9001:2015,appvoal is to be updated by SOCOTEC


Holding our booth at Technical Show Yokohama 2020, PACIFICO YOKOHAMA held on Feb.5-7,2020.
Please have access to our information at our booth.


Ultra-low resisutance PTC Thermistor. We are in a hurry to develop it.