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Overcurrent prevention PTC

Protection for the electric circuit of Motor. etc.

Automatic Temperature control would be applied in case sudden Temperature change to the higer side is to be happened by utilizing the characteristics of PTC Thermistor which resistance is to be raised at Tc(Cully tenmperature).
The above caracteristics of PTC Thermistor is to be applied for over current protection on the circuit of various products.

■ Outline

As the 16-V Series for overcurrent protection are low in resistance, they are best for low-voltage circuit protection, automotive motor protection, and current-detecting sensors. After the cause of an abnormality, such as overcurrent, is eliminated, the resistance returns to the original value. This means they can be used repeatedly.

■ Features
  • Being small in size, they provide a high-speed response to overcurrent.
  • They continue to protect the circuit from abnormalities until the power is turned off.
  • When the power is turned off, the resistance recovers to the original low value; they can be used repeatedly.
  • No mechanical contacts means no noise.

■ Specification (Click on the part number in the table.)

PTC thermistors for Door Mirror

Over current protection for the circuit of Door mirror motor

Our PTC Thermistor can be fitted inside the door mirror according to smaller size of our PTC Thermistor and no need of complicated control suystem.

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