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PTC Heater Products

Warm Air Heater

Heater with Energy saving・Space saving and safety

No controller for operating is to be required for heating safely by using smaller size PTC Heater.
Setiing space for heater unit can be designed freely suitable to the customers' requirement.

Samplle for Warm Air Heater

warm heater

Warm up Heater for Liquid

■ Heating method

PTCHeater inside the unit can make the liquid warmer by metal pipe in the Unit.

■ Application

Heater for CCV System in the engine, etc.

Characteristics of CCV heater
PTC heater products-CCV heater
PTC heater products-CCV heater size

Plate Type Heater

■ Heating method

Metal pannel with PTC heater element can heat /or warm the equipment directly without temperature control unit.

■ Application

Dryer, Copying machine, Elecronic Jar rice cooker

plate heater

Heater for Anti-Freeze

Heater that can be created in various shapes.

In cold regions and in winter,the machine and battery may freeze,resulting in insufficient performance.
For example,PTC heaters are used to prevent freezing of Pitot tubes(figure on the right),which are parts of airplanes.
Our PTC heater with low resistance make customers to satisfy by our design with small space and less energy.

Pitot tube

Heater for Anti-Freeze

Heater for de-fogging

Especially in th winter season, there wolud be problem on the rens of camera or mirror due to water vapor condensation.
Our smaller size PTC heater would solve fogging problem for the customers.

de-fogging camera

Heater for de-fogging